Sunshine at Your Wedding? For $150,000, a Company Will Destroy Any Clouds


You know you’re taking your wedding too seriously when you start paying six figures to change the WEATHER. That’s some North Korea-style supervillain stuff right there.

But it IS an option now . . . if you’ve got a ton of money to waste.

There’s a company in the U.K. called Oliver’s Travels, and they’re offering a new service where they’ll DESTROY the clouds over your wedding . . . so you can have perfect sunny weather.

The service starts at about $150,000, and here’s how it works: 24 hours before the wedding they fly PLANES through the clouds . . . drop a chemical called silver iodide in them . . . and makes the clouds burst into rain.

By the next day, the rain will be dried up and you’ll have blue skies. And they GUARANTEE their service will work . . . but for $150,000, they better.

They only offer it at some popular wedding spots in France right now, but plan on expanding if it becomes popular. There’s no word on whether anyone’s actually purchased the service so far . . . or whether it’s even LEGAL.


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