Study: Average Person Spends at Least $130 on Valentine's Day


Guys, now would be a good time to have that talk with your girlfriend or wife about how GREAT it would be to skip Valentine’s Day this year . . . because you don’t need some commercialized holiday to celebrate your love, and so on.

Otherwise . . . it’s gonna cost you.

According to a study, last year the average person spent $131 on Valentine’s Day . . . up from $126 the year before.

Men spent almost twice as much as women, an average of $176 to an average of $89.

The study also found 32% of people plan on buying flowers this year . . . 26% will buy candy or chocolates . . . 13% will buy jewelry . . . 9% will buy lingerie . . . and 6% will buy gift baskets.

Oh . . . and most people probably haven’t bought ANYTHING yet.  Last year, Valentine’s Day spending peaked on February 13th.


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