Top 5 reasons you’re stressed out at work

Stressed out at work

Stressed out at work (Photo by Flickr/Giuseppe Milo)

I’m not sure I can trust a list of stressful things at work if it doesn’t include “getting an email from your boss that says ‘we need to talk.'” But here you go.

A new survey found the REAL top five things that stress people out at work. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Having to wait for other people to get the info you need to work on something.
  2.  Not knowing which tasks should be priorities.
  3.  Unrealistic expectations and goals for projects.
  4.  Moving deadlines.
  5.  Bosses not quite making it clear exactly what they want.

The survey also found that 34% of people go to at least six meetings a week.

(Business Insider)

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