Starbucks Announced a Contest Where 10 Americans Win Free Coffee For Life

If you could have free Starbucks for the rest of your life, how much money would you save? A LOT, right?

Well . . . Starbucks just announced a new contest yesterday where 14 people will win free coffee for LIFE. Ten of those 14 people will be in the U.S., three will be in Canada, and one will be in the U.K.

Except it’s not actually unlimited coffee to the day you die. Starbucks defines “life” as the next 30 years . . . and you get one free drink or food item a day. Lame. What . . . you expected a corporate contest without fine print?

Still . . . a free coffee a day through 2045 is pretty cool. The estimated value of the prize is $54,000, which comes out to right around $5 per day. You’ll also get a 10-karat gold Starbucks card with your name engraved on it, that’s supposedly worth $5,000.

You enter by buying something at Starbucks between now and January 5th. You’ll get a code on your receipt, which you enter at

You’re allowed to enter two times a day . . . but that means you’ll have to buy two things at Starbucks every day for a full month.

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