Someone Spent $15,000 to Pay for Other People’s Layaway Items at Walmart


A woman named Joyce Hyatt recently put a bunch of presents for her grandkids on layaway at a Walmart in Moraine, Ohio, outside Dayton. Then her husband Harold got laid off, and they couldn’t afford them.

But last Thursday, they found out their Christmas won’t be cancelled after all . . . because someone randomly dropped $15,000 to pay for other people’s layaway items.

The person asked to remain anonymous, but the manager of the store says they specifically asked for the money to go toward toys and gifts for kids.

Another woman named Pat Davis got pretty emotional when she found out they paid for a Spider-Man bike she had on layaway for her grandson.

While she was trying not to cry, she told the local news that, quote, “there ARE good people out there.”


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