Do You Shower Like Other People, or Are You Doing Weird Stuff Without Realizing It?

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Do you shower like other people? You probably assume you do, but you don’t ACTUALLY know. So a new survey by Buzzfeed tried to figure out exactly what the average person does in the shower. Check it out . . .

  1. 79% of people stand . . . but 6% shower sitting down. The other 15% stand most of the time, but sit to shave their legs.
  2. 68% face away from the shower head . . . 32% stand toward it.
  3. 55% make the water as hot as possible, and 45% keep it warm but not hot.
  4. Only 31% wash their hair with shampoo every day. 54% do it a few times a week . . . 12% do it once a week or less . . . and 1% NEVER do.
  5. 81% of people always wash their hair first, then their body.
  6. 76% always use conditioner after they shampoo. And 8% never use it.
  7. And finally, believe it or not, 72% of people say they pee in the shower.


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