Science Just Proved Men Will Do Anything a Good-Looking Woman Wants


A team of psychologists and neuroscientists at Zhejiang University in China just proved what everyone already knew . . . that men will do ANYTHING for a hot chick.

For the study, they had men play a negotiating game with different women. And the more attractive the woman, the more likely the guy was to take whatever stupid and unfair deal she proposed to him.

And the guys would accept it almost immediately . . . they wouldn’t pause to debate it at all. Basically, when a hot woman asked them to do something, they did it . . . no questions asked.

The researchers say it proves attractiveness makes men do stupid things. Although we’re not sure anyone questioned whether that’s the case. Maybe next they’ll prove that donuts are delicious, or that “The Godfather Part Three” was a disappointment?

They didn’t test whether handsome men have the same effect on women.

(Huffington Post / Daily Mail)

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