Rio Olympics Update (Randoms)


1.  For better or worse, Team USA’s first gold medal was in SHOOTING.  19-year-old VIRGINIA THRASHER won the women’s 10-meter air rifle competition.  (Full Story)


2.  The Olympics had just gotten started on Saturday when its first viral video was born.  French gymnast Samir Ait Said broke his leg on a vault during the preliminaries, and it’s hard to watch.

(Careful!  This video WILL give you those bad wiggles down below.)

What could be worse than that?  How about the paramedics dropping the stretcher?  Yeah, it happened.  But Said’s tough.  He’s already promising to be ready for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

3.  German men’s field hockey teammates Linus Butt and Florian Fuchs released the 12-year-old in us all by standing next to each other.  (Full Story)

4.  Dutch cyclist Annemiak Van Vleuten was possibly heading for a gold medal when she crashed HARD.  She ended up in the hospital with a concussion and three cracks in her spine.  Meanwhile, an Iranian men’s cyclist named Samad Pourseyedi hit a concrete wall.

5.  NBC defended running stuff on delay, saying more women watch the Olympics than men, and they view it as a reality show, not sports.  (???)  (Full Story)

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