Don’t put these 5 things on your resume


Obviously you shouldn’t lie on your resume. Because if you’re caught there’s no way you’ll get the job. But here are five more things that shouldn’t be on your resume . . .

  1. An “objective” at the top. It’s old school, and you don’t need it. Almost no one writes anything interesting, and the objective is obvious . . . to get the job you’re applying for.Some people replace it with a “qualifications” section, which is sort of like a quick summary of what you’re best at.
  2. Your current work email. Always list your personal email address. And make sure it’s something professional. No matter how much you love horses, “horse-lover 25” WILL ruin a perfectly good resume.
  3. Big words you’d never use in real life. One or two might be okay, but you don’t want it to seem like you wrote the thing with a thesaurus next to you.
  4. Tiny, unrelated jobs from 15 years ago. List jobs that show you have the experience you need to do the job you’re applying for. The exception would be if you did something for a really well-known company like Google . . . you can leave that on there.
  5. Hobbies. If you’ve played piano for 15 years, great. But unless the job somehow involves a piano, no one cares. The one time it’s okay to include a hobby is when you’re young and don’t have a lot of work experience.


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