Police Catch a Vandal by Pulling Fingerprints Off the Googly Eyes She Stuck on a Poster

It’s got to be disappointing to pull off the PERFECT CRIME, only to get taken down because you got sloppy when you handled some GOOGLY EYES. Yes, that is a real sentence.

Someone in Lincoln, Nebraska vandalized some campaign signs for Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, a Republican representing Nebraska’s first district.

The vandal added tape to the signs to change his name to “Jeff Fartenberry” . . . and also glued big GOOGLY EYES over his eyes.

But the police were able to pull fingerprints off the googly eyes, and they matched them to a sociology researcher at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln named Patricia Wonch Hill.

They had her prints on file because she’d been cited for vandalizing Senator Deb Fischer’s office door last year . . . she had put a bunch of stickers on the door.

Patricia is facing up to six months in jail or a $500 fine.

(Lincoln Journal Star


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