Photographer Sues Justin Bieber Over Bodyguard Beatdown

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For someone so famous, Justin Bieber sure doesn’t like getting his picture taken.  TMZ reports that a Miami photographer is suing Justin claiming he was injured by the pop star’s bodyguard after he tried to snap some shots of Justin at a Miami club.  Manuel Munoz says that on the January evening Biebs was busted for DUI in Miami, he was taking pictures of the singer in front of the SET nightclub when Justin’s bodyguard chased him into a nearby Subway restaurant, locked the door and cornered him in the bathroom. The bodyguard demanded Munoz delete the photos, tried to remove the camera’s memory card and then kicked and punched him.  His camera was damaged and the bodyguard walked away with the memory card. Munoz is suing Bieber and the bodyguard, Dwayne Patterson, for unspecified damages.

 But Munoz may have a hard time proving his case.  In the police report from the incident, he doesn’t say anything about being punched and kicked. Instead he says he was tripped by the bodyguard and sustained a “small scratch in his left knee.”  The report also states that Munoz wanted money from the bodyguard for the pics, asking for $10K but the bodyguard wouldn’t pay more than $5K.

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