People Judge You Within 26 Seconds of Entering Your Home . . . Here’s What They’re Looking For


You know how when you go to someone’s house, you immediately start judging it . . . even without realizing you’re doing it? Yeah . . . everyone does that to you too.

A new survey found the average person has totally judged you and made up their mind about how you live within 26 SECONDS of entering your place. Here are 10 of the snap judgments they use to come up with their opinion . . .

  1.  The smell.
  2.  The amount of clutter.
  3.  Any stains or marks on the walls.
  4.  How nice the couch is.
  5.  The decorations on the walls.
  6.  Whether the way you decorated is modern or stylish.
  7.  Piles of mail stacked up.
  8.  Whether shoes are arranged neatly or scattered everywhere.
  9.  Kids toys lying around.
  10.  The amount of random dust.

(FemaleFirst / Daily Mail)


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