People having more nookie aren’t necessarily happier


Do you have friends who brag about how much sex they’re having? Well, if it makes you jealous because of your lack of a sex life, here’s something to make you feel better. According to new research out of Carnegie Mellon University, having a lot of sex doesn’t necessarily make you happy. In fact, the study found that links between gettin’ some lovin’, and being happy aren’t necessarily straightforward.

As part of their study, scientists basically had some couples have more sex than others, and the ones who were doing it more reported that the increase didn’t make them happier. While the subjects suggested that the increase in frequency lowered their desire and enjoyment of their lovemaking, it could be other things too.   The couples pointed out that the frequency resulted in a lack spontaneity, romance and desire.

Of course, it could also be that the study has a major flaw in it. The researchers pointed out that the fact that the subjects were being asked to have more sex, rather than choosing to do it on their own, could be the reason for the decrease in happiness. Because nobody really wants to be told what to do, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Source: “The Daily Mail

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