Party… Like a boss! The Eight Most Embarrassing Things Bosses Have Done at Company Holiday Parties

embarrassing boss
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embarrassing boss

It’s not quite time for company holiday parties yet, but it IS time to start praying your embarrassing boss does something like THIS when the day arrives.

A new survey asked people to share the most EMBARRASSING thing they’ve ever seen their boss do at a company party. Here are eight of the best ones . . .

  1.  Turning a dance contest into a brawl.
  2.  Trying to break dance and breaking an ankle.
  3.  Passing out under a table.
  4.  Standing behind the bar trying to drink out of an empty bottle of wine.
  5.  Taking inappropriate pictures in a photo booth.
  6.  Gossiping about the employees.
  7.  Accidentally falling into a swimming pool.
  8.  Publicly quitting the company during their toast.


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