Panic! At the Disco Donated $20 to the HRC for Every Member of the WBC Who Picketed Their Show

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This is one of the best reactions to the Westboro Baptist Church’s hateful protests:

The “church” recently announced they were going to picket a PANIC! AT THE DISCO show in Missouri . . . so the band posted a Facebook message saying that they’d donate $20 to the Human Rights Campaign for every Westboro protester who actually showed up.

Well, the show went down last night . . . and 13 protesters showed up.

Late last night, the band posted this update: Quote, “Thank you Westboro Baptist Church for the update on the total amount you donated to Human Rights Campaign today. [But] $20 [times] 13 = Weak.” That’s just $260.

It went on, quote, “We’re going to make it an even $1,000. We’ll also be donating 5% of our total merch sales from this show to HRC.” (Here’s the post.)

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