Oprah Lost $24 Million in One Day on Her Weight Watchers Stock


When OPRAH WINFREY invested $43 million in Weight Watchers last year, the stock went up and she doubled her money almost instantly. Then last month, she made $12 million in an hour just by posting a 30-second Weight Watchers ad about how she eats bread everyday.

But just so you know, Oprah is NOT magic. She loses money on the stock market like everybody else. Last Thursday, the stock plummeted 27% . . . meaning she lost $24 MILLION at the drop of a hat.

Don’t worry about her though. She bought in when the shares were $6.79, and it’s currently at $11.01. So she’s still up around $75 million since buying in five months ago . . . and she’s worth $3 BILLION overall.

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