One in Five People Admit They’re Not a Good Kisser, Plus the Top Five Things That Can Ruin a Kiss

Today is International Kissing Day. And a new survey found one in five people think they’re NOT a very good kisser. 23% said they’re an AMAZING kisser . . . 28% said “great” . . . and 32% said “good”. So over 80% gave their own kissing skills a positive review. But 16% said they’re just “okay” at it . . . and 2% said they’re a HORRIBLE kisser. Here are a few more stats from the survey . . . 1. People ranked their PARTNER’S kissing skills roughly the same as their own. 27% said they’re an “amazing” kisser . . . 27% said “great” . . . 26% said “good” . . . 12% said just “okay” . . . and 2% said they’re “horrible” at it. 2. 84% of us had our first kiss before leaving high school. Middle school and high school are the most common times for it to happen. But 22% had their first kiss in elementary school. And 2% of people over 18 said they’ve still NEVER been kissed. 3. According to the survey, the #1 thing that can RUIN a kiss is bad breath, followed by too much tongue . . . your teeth getting in the way . . . not ENOUGH tongue . . . and accidentally making eye contact with the other person. The survey also found 31% of us have kissed someone on a dare before. 14% of Americans let their dog kiss them on the mouth. And 1 in 10 people still get grossed out when they see their parents kiss. (National Today)