Now on Sale: Fat Infused Water For $5-a-Bottle

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Just stop. Seriously. Just stop.

Dave Asprey is a, quote, “bio-hacker” who made the news a few years ago when he started promoting his weight loss plan: Drink coffee with BUTTER in it. Of course, he suggested you buy HIS extremely expensive coffee made of special, “toxin-free” beans.

He’s built an entire empire around his “Bulletproof Diet” plan . . . but it feels like NO ONE is a big enough SUCKER to fall for his latest product.

He’s now selling fat-infused BOTTLED WATER . . . that costs about $5 for a 16-ounce bottle. It’s gluten free . . . you know, just like regular, fat-free water!

Asprey’s big belief is that good fats, like coconut oil, are the absolute key to losing weight and feeling healthy. His “FATWater” has about two grams of coconut oil in it, and he says that makes your cells more receptive to water so you’ll rehydrate quicker.

FATWater is only available right now in Los Angeles but Asprey is planning to take it nationwide soon.



Fat Infused Water

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