A Woman Found a Note on a Dollar That Said, “It’s Always Been You, Come and Find Me” . . . And Two People Reconnected When It Went Viral

Note on a Dollar

A woman in Ireland named Denise O’Reilly grabbed some money from her purse last month, and one of the bills had a message on it that said, “Christy, it’s always been you. Come and find me.” And it was signed by someone named Megan.

So Denise posted a picture of it online, and asked people to share it, so whoever ‘Christy’ was might see it. And it actually WORKED. Thousands of people shared it on Facebook, and a guy named Christy Leech came forward the next day.

It turns out he’s a musician, and his ex-girlfriend wrote the note. He says they broke up a while back, then she came to one of his shows about six months ago, and wrote the note before she used the bill to pay the cover.

Apparently she thought the money would go straight to the band, but Christy didn’t see it, and never knew she was there. He also says her name isn’t actually Megan. It’s an inside joke, because he THOUGHT her name was Megan the first time they met.

It’s not clear if they’re dating again, and we still don’t know her real name. But he confirmed that they ARE back in touch now.

By the way, he also said the line “It’s always been you” that she wrote on the money is the name of a SONG he wrote about her while they were still together.

(TodayFM.com / The Sun)

Note on a Dollar

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