No One Takes Selfies With the “Duck Face” Anymore . . . Now It’s All About the “Surprise Face”


Up until now, the classic face in selfies has been the DUCK FACE . . . if you don’t know that term, it’s where you pucker your lips like you’re about to kiss someone and stick them out like a duck.

But the duck face is OUT. Today’s selfies are all about the “surprise face.”

In the surprise face, you open your eyes and mouth wide, like you just heard something shocking.

Why is the surprise face taking over? Because it’s way more FLATTERING than the duck face.

With a surprise face, your eyes look bigger and better . . . your face doesn’t wrinkle up like it does when you smile or make a duck face . . . your lips look fuller . . . and it elongates your face to make it look thinner.


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