Nicki Minaj Has Delayed Her Album By a Week to Clear a Tracy Chapman Sample

NICKI MINAJ was supposed to release her new album “Queen” on August 10th . . . which is a week from this Friday.  But yesterday, she announced that it’s actually coming out a week later, on the 17th. And it’s all because of a sample.  Before she officially announced the new date, she Tweeted, quote, “So there’s a record on ‘Queen’ that features one of the greatest rappers of all time.  Had no clue it sampled the legend Tracy Chapman. “Do I keep my date and lose the record?  Or do I lose the record and keep my date?  Do we push ‘Queen’ back one week?  Ugh!  I’m torn, y’all help.” In case you didn’t notice, “Keep my date and lose the record” and “Lose the record and keep my date” are EXACTLY THE SAME THING.  Which Nicki later acknowledged in a follow-up Tweet. Just a quick note:  ARIANA GRANDE’s new album “Sweetener” also comes out on the 17th . . . and some people think Nicki delayed her album to compete with it.  But both Nicki and Ariana are laughing that off. (Uproxx)

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