Nickelback Is Teaching The Chainsmokers How to Handle Haters

In a way, THE CHAINSMOKERS are like the NICKELBACK of today, because they have more than their fair share of haters . . . not that they don’t deserve it.

So “People” magazine asked CHAD KROEGER and RYAN PEAKE from Nickelback if they had any advice for The Chainsmokers on dealing with it.

Chad said, quote, “Don’t Google yourself.  I never look at press.  I never look at comments on anything . . . what for?  If you’re looking for the negativity, it’s easy to find.”

He also took a shot at critics for being “mean and ruthless” and, quote, “try[ing] to convince the entire world not to like your band.”

Ryan advised them to focus on the fans that ARE showing up to their shows . . . quote, “Just play for fans . . . if you pay attention to people who don’t like your band, it’s not really why you’re there.”

The Chainsmokers saw the advice, and Tweeted, quote, “Lol, yeah, you don’t give [an eff] about them . . . love the people that support you and keep proving everyone wrong.”