New Invention Lets You Snort Chocolate

A chocolate company in Belgium sells a device that lets you SNORT CHOCOLATE. It’s a little catapult where you fling cocoa powder up your nose. We’re not sure that’s safe, but if you want one you can order it for $50 at the

A chocolate company in Belgium is selling the first device that lets you SNORT CHOCOLATE.

It’s basically a little catapult . . . you put some cocoa powder on it, and it flings the chocolate up your nose.

Is it safe? No one’s quite sure. There haven’t been any studies on what this could do to your nose or lungs.

For what it’s worth, back in January of last year, news reports came out about kids crushing up Smarties candies and snorting them . . . and experts said they could wind up with NASAL MAGGOTS.

Still, if you want a chocolate shooter plus two little containers of snortable cocoa powder, it costs about $50, plus international shipping. You can order at

(ABC News)

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