The New Foo Fighters Album Will Feature Paul McCartney on Drums, and a Mystery Pop Singer

In a recent interview, the FOO FIGHTERS revealed that PAUL MCCARTNEY plays drums on their upcoming album, “Concrete and Gold”.

He’s only playing on one track.  And Foo Fighters drummer TAYLOR HAWKINS was impressed.  He said, quote, “He hadn’t even heard of the song . . .

“He comes in and DAVE [GROHL] picked up an acoustic and showed him real quick.  He sat on his special drum set that his tech set up for him.  I sat there with a drumstick conducting.  He did two takes.”

This isn’t the first time Paul has played drums . . . if you didn’t know, he’s the drummer on the BEATLES songs “Back In The U.S.S.R.”“The Ballad of John And Yoko”, and “Dear Prudence”.

Dave also said that the, quote “biggest pop star in the world” is on the album, singing on one of the heaviest tracks.  But he wouldn’t say who it is.

Fans have been trying to figure it out . . . and two popular guesses have been Adele and Taylor Swift.  Dave says it ISN’T either of them, but he hasn’t offered up any other clues.

(After what Lady Gaga did with Metallica at the “Grammys“, I’d be super-okay if it were her.)

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