A Mom Gave Her Son a $29,000 Bill After Living at Home for a Year


There’s a reason people now live with their parents well into their 20s. Free rent, food, Internet, and insurance are AWESOME.

But what if they AREN’T free? A guy from Canada just posted on Reddit about how his plan to live for free with his parents backfired . . . when his mom gave him a BILL.

He’s in college, and he just finished 13 months at his parents’ house. And his mom gave him an itemized bill for a total of almost $29,000 in charges.

The bulk of that is his tuition, but it also included his share of the water bill, gas, cable, Internet, food, and health insurance. She also included a cleaning fee and the cost of the “specialty meals” she made for him.

And . . . she threw in a $1,000 fee for being, quote, “an [a-hole] and not appreciative of your mother’s support financially or otherwise.” That’s $1,000 Canadian, which is $745 in American dollars.

He says his mom did it to teach him a lesson and, quote, “I hope to one day be successful enough to repay her.”


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