Miley Cyrus Kissing Katy Perry while performing in Los Angeles

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Katy Perry has found herself at the center of Miley Cyrus’ latest “Bangerz” tour antics on Saturday night.  When Miss Miley was performing in Los Angeles at the Staples Center she decided to plant a big wet one on Perry during her performance of “Adore You.”

Fan footage posted on YouTube shows Katy standing in the audience during Miley’s performance of “Adore You.”  Miley then comes down from the stage and goes for the gold. Katy’s reaction? She appears to be taken by surprise and backs away quickly.  Katy also posted a snapshot of the kiss on her Twitter page, capturing Miley sitting on the stage with her mouth gaping open and Katy turned away with her hand held over her mouth with a caption that reads “And after! I adore you.”
Also during the show, Miley also invited members of The Flaming Lips onstage, and performed their song “Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots” alongside frontman Wayne Coyne.  “Bangerz” tour continues on this week in Oakland, San Jose and Phoenix.



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