Mariah Carey is Being Accused of Sexual Harassment

The Hollywood sexual harassment drama has its first FEMALE antagonist. MARIAH CAREY is being accused of harassing a former bodyguard. Michael Anello is the head of a security company that worked for Mariah from June of 2015 to this past May. And he says Mariah stiffed his company for more than $220,000. He also claims she went back on a promise to hire them for another two years, which would have meant an additional $500,000. Anello says Mariah was constantly insulting his guys, calling them Nazis, white supremacists, and KKK members . . . because she, quote, “wanted to be surrounded with black guys, not white people.” And then there was the sex stuff. Anello claims Mariah engaged in, quote, “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by [him].” And during a trip to Mexico, Mariah called him to her room to move some luggage, and she was wearing a see-through negligee. And it was OPEN. She refused to let him leave until he moved her luggage. Anello isn’t actually suing Mariah yet. They’re negotiating. (Check out a picture of Mariah and Anello¬†here.)