Letting Your Dog Lick Your Face Might Help Your Allergies


Have you ever seen someone let their dog lick their face like they’re making OUT? Gross, right? Well, it turns out you might be a fool for NOT doing it.

Researchers at the University of Arizona are conducting a study to see if a dog’s saliva can help with ALLERGY symptoms.

Allergies and immune diseases like asthma are more common now, and it actually might be because we’re so SANITARY . . . we’re not being exposed to as much GOOD bacteria as we used to be. But dogs are still disgusting, so they ARE.

And other studies have found that kids who grow up with dogs tend to have fewer allergies. The theory is that dogs pick up bacteria by licking things and rolling around in stuff . . . and being exposed to that bacteria helps kids build resistance.

Now, if you’re ALLERGIC to dogs, then letting one lick your face probably isn’t a good idea. But if you’re just allergic to pollen or something . . . keep Frenching your dog I guess?

(ABC News)

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