A Guy Gave a Store’s Last Generator to a Random Stranger . . . and Another Guy Offered Up His Car

There’s some good things happening in Florida:

A woman named Pam Brekke was prepping for Hurricane Irma last week, and had to drive about 30 miles to buy a generator at a Lowe’s near Orlando. Her father is on an oxygen machine. So he can’t go without electricity.

But when Pam got to the store, she saw a guy in front of her get the LAST generator. At that point, she didn’t know what to do, and just broke down in tears.

But then another customer named Ramon Santiago walked up to her . . . and gave her the generator HE was about to buy.

A local news team happened to be there when it happened. Pam gave him a huge hug, and called him an “angel.” He said he could tell she just really needed it.

Here’s another story about strangers helping each other: Before a guy in the Florida Keys named Chris McCarthy headed north last week, he and his girlfriend left their spare car in front of their place with the KEYS in it. An old 1991 Cutlass Supreme.

Then they posted their address on Facebook, and said ANYONE who needed a car to get out could just TAKE it.

Chris said it was a no-brainer if it could possibly save a life. And someone DID end up taking them up on the offer less than an hour later.

(Today / FL Keys News)

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