Kid Makes $1,500 a Night Eating Dinner in Front of His Webcam

How do people luck into jobs like this? There’s a 14-year-old kid in South Korea who goes by the name B.J. PATOO, and he makes up to $1,500 a night just by eating at his computer.

There’s a phenomenon over there called “mukbang”, which literally translates as, “eating broadcast”. (It’s pronounced “muck-bong.”)

It’s pretty simple: You just sit in front of your webcam and chat with people . . . while eating large quantities of food, sometimes very LOUDLY.

Patoo is one of the most popular mukbangers . . . if that’s a word . . . which is why he makes so much. It all comes from fans, who “gift” him things called “Star Balloons” that cost about ten cents each. And most of his fans are teenagers.

A lot of them say they watch because it’s entertaining, which is weird . . .

Other people say it helps them satisfy their cravings without actually eating . . . which is probably weirder, because when was the last time you turned on the Food Network, and then DIDN’T want to eat everything in your fridge?

Anyway, “Business Insider” says the mukbang kid made about 250 GRAND in 2013 . . . which really makes you wonder why you paid so much for that college diploma.

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Kid Makes $1,500 a Night

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