Katy Perry's AMA Geisha-Inspired Outfit Sparks Controversy

2D9769809-today-katy-perry-geisha-131125-2.blocks_desktop_mediumIt wasn’t the first time Katy Perry wore a kimono in public, but people who watched her perform the other night at the American Music Awards felt her geisha-inspired performance of “Unconditionally” was culturally insensitive.

Katy opened the show in powdery white makeup and a cleavage-baring kimono. Dancers with fans “fluttered” across the stage, as some glided through the air with colorful umbrellas.

The performance caused tweets from viewers who accused Katy of “appropriating Japanese culture and perpetuating harmful stereotypes of Asian women.”

Critics from the media also pointed out the uncomfortable connection between Katy’s song, “Unconditionally,” and Western perceptions of Asian women.

No comment from Katy or her camp.


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