It’s Official . . . Selfies Have Killed More People This Year Than Sharks

Selfies Have Killed More People This Year Than Sharks

It’s official: Selfies have killed more people this year than SHARKS. So SUCK IT, shark-haters! (???)

A couple Japanese tourists slipped while they were taking a selfie on some stairs at the Taj Mahal this week. One of them broke his leg, and the other guy hit his head . . . lost consciousness . . . and DIED. crunched the numbers, and that brings total selfie deaths this year to TWELVE. Four of them were people who fell, and the next highest cause of death involves trains.

That also includes a guy in August who got gored during the running of the bulls . . . the guy in July whose selfie stick was hit by LIGHTNING . . . the Russian woman who accidentally shot herself in May while posing with a gun . . .

And two Russian guys in January who posed with a live GRENADE. There have already been more selfie deaths this year than all of last year. And it’s only September.

As far as shark-related deaths, there have only been EIGHT this year. It just SEEMS like sharks are more dangerous, because of all the media coverage.

So this seems inappropriate . . . but apparently makeup companies are now tweaking their formulas to make you look BETTER in selfies.

(Mashable / Jezebel)

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