IHOP Just Realized After 20 Years That Their Logo Kinda Looks Like a Frown


IHOP has had the same logo for the past 20 years: A blue box with “IHOP” written in it, with a red curved banner underneath that says “RESTAURANT.”

And after two decades, they just realized that it kind of looks like a FROWN.

It’s a little bit of a stretch, but the “O” and the “P” from “IHOP” look like eyes and a nose, and the red banner underneath looks like a mouth that’s frowning.

So they’ve changed their logo . . . by flipping the red curve 180 degrees so now it looks like a smile.

A marketing executive from IHOP gave a very “marketing executive” statement about the whole thing.

Quote, “A person’s frown is just not in concert with guests’ expectations . . . in many cases, just thinking about our world famous pancakes makes [people] smile.”

(Marketwatch / Consumerist

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