If You Buy the New iPhone, Expect Your Cell Phone Bill to Go Way Up


Today’s the day Apple FINALLY announces the new iPhone . . . so we can all finally breathe again, and for a moment all will be right with the world.

Time to put a damper on the announcement. If you get the new iPhone, your cell phone bill is probably going to shoot WAY up.

Chetan Sherma is a telecommunications analyst and consultant . . . and he says that with every new generation of iPhone, the amount of data people use doubles.

The average iPhone user goes through 1.4 gigabytes of data on their phone every month right now.

That means if you get an iPhone 6, it should jump to almost three gigabytes . . . and that’s going to be a big price jump at pretty much any cell phone carrier.

If you’re wondering how you go through that much data, it’s easy . . . streaming video takes a TON of it. Watching an hour of Netflix in HD can use a few gigabytes.

(Huffington Post)

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