How Much Are People Really Spending on Valentine’s Day, and What Do They Really Want

A website analyzed 20 surveys about Valentine’s Day to figure out what people are REALLY spending, and what they really want. The average guy will spend $153, and the average woman will spend $89. The most popular gift is dinner or a night out . . . the least popular is something homemade.

Tons of Valentine’s Day surveys came out this year, just like they do every year. And they present so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know what to listen to. So . . . why not combine ALL of them to make things clearer?

The awesome website analyzed 20 surveys about Valentine’s Day 2015 to figure out how much money people are REALLY spending, and what gifts are really the most popular. Check it out . . .

Eight of the surveys came up with numbers on how much men and women would be spending. The average is $153.13 for men and $88.82 for women.

All eight surveys found men outspend women, by an average of about $64.

Eighteen surveys looked at the most and least popular gifts. Dinner or a night out was the most popular gift in HALF of the surveys . . . candy or chocolates is the second-most popular gift . . . and flowers is third.

The least popular gift was less of a landslide . . . but “something homemade” came in last the most often.

(You can see the full breakdown here.)