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Kesha Dedicates ‘Hymn’ Video to Dreamers

Kesha Dedicates ‘Hymn’ Video to Dreamers

Whether kids are born near or far, they all look toward the same stars, and Kesha drives the point home beautifully in her new video for "Hymn," which she says is dedicated to DREAMers. Released Thursday (May 31), the video finds the Rainbow singer adrift in twilight...

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Ed Sheeran Bought the Houses on Either Side of His Home to Eliminate the Noise Complaints

When you spend close to $25 million on a house, the last thing you should have to endure is annoying neighbors. But that was happening to ED SHEERAN at his London home.

40% of People Regret How They’ve Lived Their Lives . . . Here Are the Top Five Regrets

If you have a lot of REGRETS about the decisions you’ve made in your life that led you to this point . . . well, at least you’re not the only one. For whatever that’s worth.

Two Guys Rob a Jewelry Store in New York… While a News Crew Is Filming a Story There

A news crew from the ABC station in New York City was filming in Manhattan on Friday for a story about the heat wave. And while they were filming . . . two guys tried to rob a jewelry store just up the block.