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Kesha Dedicates ‘Hymn’ Video to Dreamers

Kesha Dedicates ‘Hymn’ Video to Dreamers

Whether kids are born near or far, they all look toward the same stars, and Kesha drives the point home beautifully in her new video for "Hymn," which she says is dedicated to DREAMers. Released Thursday (May 31), the video finds the Rainbow singer adrift in twilight...

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She Broke up with her boyfriend, so he stole her toilet?

People do crazy things when they get dumped. But this is a new one for us. A woman on Reddit claims she broke up with her boyfriend Monday night. And he responded by . . . stealing her TOILET. She went to bed while he was still packing up the last of his...

Would you turn in your family member for committing one of these 10 crimes?

Would you turn in a friend or family member if you found out they committed a serious crime? A new survey asked people about everything from shoplifting to MURDER. Here are ten crimes, and how many of us would rat them out. Murder. 87% said they'd turn in...

The Top Five Social Media Posts That Can Ruin Your Chances of getting Hired

Director James Gunn recently got kicked off the next "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie for offensive tweets he posted years ago. And according to a new survey, it's pretty common OUTSIDE Hollywood too . . . 34% of companies have either fired or disciplined...


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