Here Are the Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade 1

“Time” magazine put out a list of the best gadgets of the decade, including things like the Apple iPad, Tesla Model S, Google Chromecast, and Nintendo Switch.  So now, let’s talk about the flip side.

Gizmodo.com just put together a list of the most DISAPPOINTING gadgets of the 2010s.  Here are some of their best picks . . .

1.  3D and curved televisions, 2010.

2.  Nintendo Wii U, 2012.

3.  Google Glass . . . those glasses with a built-in computer, 2013.

4.  Amazon Fire phone, 2014.

5.  Apple MacBooks with the keyboard that stopped working because of a single speck of dust, 2015.

6.  The exploding Samsung Note 7, 2016. 


(I feel like they forgot a few key things:  Those exploding “hoverboards” . . . Facebook Portal . . . Juicero . . . and Moviepass, if that counts as a gadget.)