Here Are The Four Things Women Wear When They’re in a Good Mood . . . and the Two Things They Wear When They’re Not

Young woman, eyes closed portrait

If you’ve been waiting your whole life for a secret decoder that helps you figure out a woman’s mood . . . this just might be it.

A new study out of the University of Queensland in Australia found that you can use a woman’s CLOTHES to get a pretty accurate gauge of her mood.

Here are the four things women wear when they’re happy . . .

  1.  Hats.
  2.  Their favorite shoes.
  3.  Dresses.
  4.  Bright colored things that fit their body well.

And here are the two things women wear when they’re unhappy . . .

  1.  Jeans.
  2.  Baggy shirts.

(Daily Mail)


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