You’re Happiest in Your 20s and 70s . . . and Most Miserable in Your 40s


Do you reminisce about your 20s, and wonder how you POSSIBLY had any worries back then? Because life was so wonderful and easy? Don’t worry, you’ll find that happiness again . . . once you’re really, really old.

A new study out of Australia analyzed people’s happiness over their lives. Here are the three things they found . . .

1. You’re happiest from ages 15 to 24. Then you start getting more miserable.

2. Things keep getting worse until your 40s, when it bottoms out and stays low.

3. Once you hit your 60s, you start getting happier again. And by 75, you’re as happy as you were when you were 20.

The researchers had one main conclusion: Responsibilities are the WORST. When you’re working, raising kids, and under stress, you’re the most unhappy . . . so in the ages before and after all that stress, life is great.

(Daily Mail)


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