Hamburglar is back and he’s a Middle-Aged Hipster Dad?

Other than Ronald McDonald, there’s no McDonald’s character more famous than the Hamburglar. Well, maybe Grimace. Mayor McCheese? Please.

But the Hamburglar’s been in exile for a while now . . . they haven’t used him in an ad since 2002.


Except yesterday they announced he’s making a comeback. And he looks . . . um . . . different.

The Hamburglar you remember was cartoonish . . . he had a giant round head, one tooth, and a goofy smile. The new Hamburglar? He’s a middle-aged HIPSTER.

The guy playing the character in commercials isn’t wearing a big funny mascot head anymore . . . it’s just a regular dude with stubble. He’s still got the black mask over his eyes, a hat, and a striped shirt . . . but also has skinny jeans and red leather high tops.

Oh . . . and he’s a dad now. (???)

He’s about to start appearing in commercials for a new McDonald’s product, the Sirloin Third Pound Burger.