Guys say their perfect woman has long brown hair, blue eyes and a tattoo. What to women want?

What to women want?’s survey identified the ideal traits its members are looking for in their perfect partner recently asked members to describe what they find most attractive about the opposite sex. Then they came up with what they call the ‘ideal’ man and woman.

Since it’s a weird composite, it doesn’t really make sense, but whatever. Here we go . . .

Guys want a woman with blue eyes . . . long, dark, brown hair . . . who’s a career driven doctor . . . with a strategically placed tattoo . . . and spends her free time swimming.

Women want a guy with short dark brown hair . . . blue eyes . . . a DAD BOD . . . an executive job . . . and a DOG.

But again, it’s a composite. Somehow we’re thinking a single guy with long dreamy hair and six-pack abs will do just fine?


What to women want?

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