Guys Burn Almost as Many Calories Sitting on the Couch as They Do Working Out?


We used to think the best advantage men had over women was being able to pee in filthy gas station bathrooms without making contact with the toilet seat. THIS may be even better.

A new study found men burn almost as many calories sitting on the COUCH watching TV as they do working out . . . but women aren’t so lucky.

Now . . . the study was small, and it was conducted for a British TV show, so we can’t necessarily take it as scientific fact. But check this out . . .

A guy sitting on the couch for a few hours burned 640 calories . . . while a guy working out for an hour burned 834 calories. That is NOT a huge difference.

On the other hand, a woman sitting on the couch for a few hours burned 292 calories . . . but a woman working out for an hour burned 729. That IS a huge difference.

The main reason men can burn so many calories sitting around is that they usually have larger bodies and more muscle mass . . . so they need more calories just to survive, even when they’re not doing anything.

(Daily Mail)

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