A Guy in France is Suing His Company Because His Job Was Boring


44-year-old Frederic Desnard was a manager at a perfume company in Paris, France. He worked there from 2010, until he was laid off in 2014.

But he’s not mad about the getting-laid-off part. He just says the company didn’t give him anything to do. So when he worked there, he was bored out of his mind . . . literally.

He says it caused a, quote, “descent to hell” that left him seriously depressed. And that the total lack of stimulation at work caused him to have an epileptic FIT while he was driving.

So now he’s SUING the company . . . for $415,000. Because he was bored. But the company’s lawyers say he never mentioned being bored when he was still WORKING there.

All we can say is . . . if it becomes legal for people to sue because their jobs are BORING, the courts are going to get REALLY busy.

(The Guardian

Frederic Desnard

Frederic Desnard was bored


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