Good Guy CEO Is Paying for All His Employees’ Kids to Go to College


Ahem… cough cough… I hope our bosses are listening, because I could use some extra cash.

Chieh Huang is the CEO of . . . they sell stuff like toilet paper and laundry detergent in bulk, and mail it to you. And he recently decided to add a new perk for his employees . . . he’s going to pay for ALL of their kids to go to college.

He says he’ll cover four years of tuition for each kid, and it doesn’t matter what college they choose. There’s no cap on it, so even if they need 60 grand a year to go to Harvard, he’ll pay.

The money is coming out of his own pocket, and a few investors are pitching in. He says he doesn’t actually think of it as a perk, he just wants his employees to know he’s committed to making sure their families are taken care of.

Right now, the company has about 100 employees. And apparently most of them are pretty young, because they only have 12 kids total.

But obviously that’ll change . . . especially now that they know they can pop out as many kids as they want, and not worry about paying for their education.

(Washington Post)

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