Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Someone You Don’t Like

Gifts For Someone You Don't Like

Ideally you’d only give Christmas gifts to people you like. But that’s not always the case . . . sometimes you have to give one to a bad co-worker, random family members, or that awful couple you guys still hang out with for some reason.

So what do you give them? A new survey found the top 10 presents we give to people we don’t really like. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  A bad box of chocolates.
  2.  A bottle of wine that’s been sitting around in your house.
  3.  Bubble bath you’re re-gifting.
  4.  Books you’ve already read and don’t want to keep.
  5.  Socks.
  6.  DVDs you’ve watched and don’t like.
  7.  Cheap perfume or cologne.
  8.  A scarf.
  9.  Cheap soap that looks expensive.
  10.  CDs of bad music.


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