How Do You Handle Getting a Terrible Gift? Plus the Top 10 Worst Presents Women Have Received

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This Christmas, like every Christmas, there’s a chance your significant other is going to give you something HORRIBLE. So how are you going to react?

A new survey asked women what they do with a particularly bad gift. Here’s how they handle it . . .

  1.  33% return it immediately.
  2.  25% actually wear or use it to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings.
  3.  20% re-gift it.
  4.  And 10% sell it on eBay.

The survey also found 40% of women now pick out what they want their significant other to buy them . . . and 30% practice looking thankful in the mirror in case they have to react to a present they don’t like.

Women also named the WORST gifts they’ve ever gotten. Here’s the top 10 . . .

  1.  A chainsaw.
  2.  Nose hair trimmers.
  3.  A fishing pole.
  4.  A fossil.
  5.  Hair removal cream.
  6.  A dustpan and brush.
  7.  A sweater with an alien printed on it.
  8.  A tube and funnel to help pee outdoors.
  9.  Cellulite cream.
  10.  A cleaning wash for their lady parts.

(Daily Mail)

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