Getting a Call From Your Boss on Vacation Is More Stressful Than Bungee Jumping . . . Here Are the Top 10 Reasons They Call


Ever been on vacation, having a GLORIOUS time, when suddenly your BOSS calls you? It leads to panic, horror, and stress that can take hours or even days to recover from.

In a new survey, 68% of people say that’s happened to them on vacation . . . and the average person says a call from the boss on vacation is actually more stressful than bungee jumping, being stuck in traffic, or being stood up on a date.

So . . . what’s the VERY important reason your boss ruined your vacation by calling you? Here are the 10 most common reasons . . .

Asking where a document is saved . . . asking for login details . . . asking about the status of a project . . . asking you to work on something . . . sharing an update . . .

Asking if you can make it to a meeting . . . asking you to clarify something . . . asking you to read something . . . asking if an invoice has been processed . . . and asking how to turn a COMPUTER on.

(Daily Mail)

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