Garth Brooks Says Artists Who Change When They Get Famous, Are Just Revealing Who They Really Are talked to GARTH BROOKS before his Notre Dame concert last Saturday. They asked how he’s feeling after 33 years as an entertainer. He said, quote, “I think George Strait said it best in ‘Troubadour’: ‘I still feel 25.’ I do. I still always feel like the guy just starting out. We’re still just boys from Oklahoma and Kansas playing music.” He added, quote, “Time changes, but you don’t. Nobody really changes. When you see someone who has changed since becoming an artist, they might just be revealing who they really are. Because nobody changes.” I love that. According to Garth . . . who’s one of the biggest stars in the world . . . if a celebrity turns into a jerk after they become famous, it’s because they were a jerk before they were famous. They just faked it on the way up. One more thing. As you may know, the concert was filmed for a TV special. It’s called “Garth: Live at Notre Dame!” and it airs December 2nd on CBS.
Garth Brooks - Man Against Machine | by fatherspoon

Garth Brooks – Man Against Machine | by fatherspoon