Four Weird Things That Make You Seem Smarter


Did you know research has actually PROVEN that wearing glasses can make you seem smarter? A survey in 2011 found that 43% of people think glasses ABSOLUTELY make you look more intelligent.

Here are four MORE weird things that can make you appear smarter.

1. Walk at the same speed as other people. A study in 2007 found that when you walk faster OR slower than the people around you, you’re seen as being less intelligent and competent than when you walk at the same pace.

2. Avoid alcohol. And not just because you’re dumber when you’ve been drinking. A 2013 study found that just HOLDING a drink makes you seem less intelligent.

3. Use your middle initial. In a study last year, people’s writing samples were rated more favorably when a middle initial was included in their byline.

4. Avoid using big words. Which is weird, because you’d think big words would make you seem smarter. But a study in 2006 found the opposite is true. SIMPLE writing makes you seem more intelligent than jamming in a bunch of words no one knows.

(The Atlantic)

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