Five Valentine's Day Myths Debunked

6a00d8341d0c1a53ef0168e77a9d26970c-320wiHere are five Valentine’s Day myths DEBUNKED.  Although we won’t be debunking the myth that Valentine’s Day was created by The Man to commercialize love.  Because that ain’t a myth.  Check ’em out . . .

1.  Women are needier than men.  On Valentine’s Day, about half of single men say they’d rather be in a dead-end relationship than alone.

2.  Flowers have to come from your significant other.  10% of people have sent THEMSELVES flowers on Valentine’s Day.

3.  Valentine’s Day is the best day for proposing.  40% of women think it’s a cliché to propose on Valentine’s Day.

4.  Sex has to be “different” on Valentine’s Day.  62% of men believe Valentine’s sex has to be better . . . maybe new lingerie or a new location.  Women are the OPPOSITE . . . and believe it’s a good day to keep things traditional and intimate.

5.  If your relationship survives until Valentine’s Day you’re good.  You might think it’s cruel to break up with someone before Valentine’s Day, but this might be even CRUELER . . . 25% of people say they’d wait until February 15th to end things.


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